Injection Department

Injection Department has a team of professional and experience in plastic injection molding. We have about 200 staff and injection machines 50 sets (40-800 tons), with good injection shaping technique. We also have a special professional maintenance group to maintain molding, to ensure the life and production quality of molding.

Injection Machines

Our injection machines can save 30%-50% electricity and reduce about 30% consumption of cooling water. It can also reduce machine calorific and noise. That can make the staff working in comfortable environment and conform to the environmental protection.

Mechanical Arm

David will install and widely use the mechanical arm to make injection automatically at mid year 2008, in order to improve production efficiency. The Mechanical Arm can reduce manual labor, improve the labor condition and safety in production. At the same time, it can improve the production efficiency of injection machine, stabilize the quality of the products, reduce the rejection rate and the production cost, strengthening the competitiveness of the company.