Main Production Equipment

We are now using advanced and precision equipment, and we will also continue increasing the production equipment, such as every injection machines install Mechanical Arm. Increasing number of Hi-speed Precision CNC Machining Center and Laser Marking Machine etc. The purpose is increasing production efficiency and products quality. Decreasing production cost and enhances company's competitive strength.

Injection Equipment

  • Injection Machine 50 sets ( 60tons - 800tons)
  • Mixing Machine 5 sets
  • Plastic Scrap Grinder 54 sets

Molding Equipment

  • CNC Electric Discharge Machine 12 sets
  • Grinder Machine 4 sets
  • Miller Machine 20 sets

Engineering Equipment

  • Hi-speed precision CNC machining center 4 sets

Process Equipment

  • No Dust Spraying 20 units
  • Stamping Machine 4 sets
  • Pad Printing Machine 8 sets
  • Laser Marking machine 1 set
  • UV Curing Machine 1 set
  • UV Spraying Production Line
  • Automatic Spraying Production Line (Five axles)

Others Production Equipment

  • 2D Precision Measuring System
  • RoHS Inspection Machine
  • Precision Color Measurement